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    Business Checklists for Growth and Profitability

    In every business, opportunities abound for improvement. Increasing revenue, improving customer relations, and reducing costs are the three critical elements for improving the long-term profitability of your business. Use these comprehensive “Checklists 4 Business” to evaluate your business and capitalize on all possible profit opportunities!

    What is a checklist? In its simplest form it is a standardized list of all the things that you need to do to accomplish a task or goal to ensure that you do not forget important tasks. When I started this checklist project many years ago, my checklists were just that - - simple, yet effective checklists. After many revisions later, along with input from numerous business owners, they are not just simple checklists anymore. They are now Super Checklists, they are Checklists Extraordinaire, and they are Checklists to the Nth Degree! They are Extensive and Efficient Checklists that will improve your business operations on multiple levels

    Checklists Extraordinaire: The Checklists are designed and organized in a synergistic way that not only illustrates a profit opportunity, but asks the critical question, highlights the strategy, provides the answer, and identifies the action item all at the same time. They are a comprehensive combination of a checklist, a manual, a workbook, an operations guide, a set of procedures, a collection of insightful guidelines, and highly focused action items - - all rolled into one document.

    Organization: Each Checklist organizes all the most important action items for improving profitability in one convenient workbook. The well-known 80/20 Principle states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Using the Checklists to assess the current tactics, strategies, and activities being used in your business today will help you determine which 20% of these activities should be continued and which activities could be jettisoned. Identify and replace any existing low-value activities in your business by leveraging many of the 80/20 action items found in these Checklists.

    Checklists 4 Your Business: These extraordinary checklists will help your business right now! The Restaurant Management and Marketing Checklist has over 1,425 strategies and action items to bring your restaurant to another level of growth and profitability; the Retail Store Management and Marketing Checklist has over 1,000 strategies and action items for making your store's operations more efficient and customer friendly; the Employee Benefits Checklist will help improve employee satisfaction by strategically using employee benefit programs; the Business Anniversary Celebrations Checklist will help create a memorable event for your customers, the Start A Business Checklist is a process that will efficiently help you get your business launched; the Personal Readiness to Start A Business Checklist will help determine if you are fully ready to start a new business, and the How to Write a Business Plan Guide will help you write a comprehensive business plan for starting a new business or for strategically expanding your current operations.

    Re-energize your Business: Start using these checklists to eliminate time-wasting activities, inefficient processes, and unproductive patterns that many businesses slowly and unknowingly become immersed in. Re-energize your business for growth and profitability by utilizing the checklists today! Both your customers and your employees will be glad you did. And, when the results show on your company’s bottom line, you will be glad you did also.

    eleminate inefficient proccesses

    "Metalwear uses the Checklists as a training guide for all new employees. It clarifies that which is essential for proper management."

    Susan Shannon
    Metalwear Jewelry
    "As an experienced business owner, I thought I had covered all the bases. After now utilizing the Checklists, I realized how many details I had missed. The checklists are easy to understand and very easy to use".

    Herb Martin
    Martin's Photographix, Inc.
      business tools
    "The Employee Benefits Checklist is a comprehensive, “outside the box” tool that is assisting our organization in creating new and improved, low-cost benefits for helping us continue to be one of New Hampshire's best employers”.

    Alison Hadges
    Marketing Director


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